The Second National Conference on Advances in Enterprise Architecture

Conference Venue

The conference will be held from 14-15 November 2018 at Shiraz University of Technology.

Address: modarres boulevard, Shiraz University of Technology, Shiraz


Call for Papers

We welcome submissions on any topic of enterprise architecture, including, but not limited to:

EA frameworks and reference models

o Application and software architecture

o Data architecture

o Security architecture

o Technology Infrastructure architecture

o Human Resource architecture and information technology management

o EA strategy

o National frameworks and reference models

o Defense frameworks and reference models

o Industry frameworks and reference models

o Customization of frameworks and reference models

Digital evolution

o EA and Digital evolution

o Virtual organization

o Fourth industrial revolution

o Agile organizations

o blockchain and EA

EA design, implementation, evaluation and maintenance

o EA design techniques and patterns

o EA maturity

o EA artifacts evaluation models

o EA quality attributes evaluation

o Adaptive maintenance in EA

o EA tools and standards

o EA and project management

o EA governance

o EA modeling and information management tools

o EA aggregation methods for large organization

New approaches in EA

o Value-driven EA

o Agile EA

o Service-oriented EA

o Process-driven EA

o Model-driven EA

o Adaptable EA

o EA and process management systems

o EA and cloud computing

o EA and big data

o EA and IoT

o EA and IT management

o Wide-scale EA management

EA case studies

o EA best practice and case studies

o results of outstanding architectural frameworks implementation in the industry

o Results and Achievements of EA development, implementation or maintenance

o Results and Achievements of EA Evaluation and Measurement

o Evolution and variability in EA

o EA cultural institutionalization

o EA Management and governance

E-government architecture

o Interactivity and EA in e-government

o Business process re-engineering in e-government

o National reference models and e-government

o e-government infrastructure

o Open data ecosystems

o Fourth generation government

o Mobile government

o Enterprise architecture digital codex

Enterprise engineering and business process

o Enterprise modeling, philosophy and related paradigms

o Process mining

o Recommended systems for EA

o Organization engineering and architectural thinking

o Engineering and management of organization knowledge

o IT and business alignment

o Enterprise ontology

o Business modeling and business process management

o Social, Economic, and Cultural Aspects of EA

o Human resource skills and abilities in EA

service engineering

o Service-based Integration and interoperability

o EA and SOA

o Service-Oriented Architecture

o Service adaption

o Service design and implementation

o Large-scale systems

BI and data mining

o Management dashboard

o Business Intelligence Systems Architecture

o Practical data mining


Dr. Fereidoon Shams Aliee

Dr. Joen

Associate Professor

Computer Science and Engineering Departmen 1992-1996

o Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Computer Science, Manchester University, UK.

o Supervisor: Prof. WarBoys

o Dissertation: Modelling the Behavior of Processes Using Collaborating Objects 9/1988-9/1990

o M.S. In Software Engineering , Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

o Thesis Title: Designing a Local Area Network 9/1984-91988

o B.S. In Software Engineering, Electrical & Computer  Engineering Department, National University (Shahid Beheshti University), Tehran, Iran

EA Consultant

A Study on

Developing Country EA Utilization Models for Building Effective EA-based Information Systems(PHD)

2016_A Study on the Status of EA Activation and its Achievement Through Analysis of its Condition(Journal)

Oversea’s EA

o Vietnam EA and EA System Construction

o Botswana EA and EA System Construction

o Jordan EA Education

o Uzbekistan EA Education In  Korea

o EA projects of 27 Ministries and Agencies

o Government Wide EA(2015, 2017) consulting and System Construction